Cortex - Applying a renewal activation

Reactivating Cortex is a simple process, the next time you open Cortex click on the Activate button up top.



Then you simply enter the activation code and hit apply.



If you have a Cortex Server license and have multiple users, each user can re-enter the same code.

*if you are getting an error, please check for whitespace at the beginning or end of the code, if you still have issues please reply back to support or you can submit a new ticket.


In older versions of Cortex, you may need to close and reopen before it reflects the new date. 


You also have access to newer versions of cortex as part of your ongoing support - for the latest live version please visit

*login required for access to the download page, if you are a customer you likely already have an account and can just do a forgot password before logging in, or if you've never submitted or been cc'd on a ticket you can self register with your email, your domain should already be whitelisted if you're a customer.

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