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For anyone not familiar, Postman is a useful tool for testing web services/APIs. There are various alternatives that you may have heard of such as SoapUI or RESTClient.

You can import the collection we’ve made by opening up Postman and going to File->Import and importing from this link:


We’ve made a collection in Postman that successfully uses every single resource in the Hub Service documentation.


There are 3 environment variables required. Below is what you will likely start with them set as:

seviceRoot:        localhost:8080/matchITHub

engine:                 1

activation: *your activation code - 


Almost all of the requests in this postman collection use both the serviceRoot and engine environment variables and by changing them you can quickly and easily change the requests to use a different instance of the Service or a different engine within the same service. 


Some requests require file paths, and naturally, not everyone will have the same paths as we have, so be aware that some changes may be required.


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