Updating the CASS DLL's

The USPS provides DLL's as well as data updates. While the Data needs to be updated every other month, the CASS DLL's only need to be updated annually.

If you are only using the US CASS data and updating by downloading and running the 360data.zip file, then please disregard this article.

If you are retrieving data updates via the install manager you need to run a separate exe to update the DLL's in your matchIT Web, mSQL, mDesktop installs.

The exe is available here :



If you have trouble running the exe you can also just download the dll's and manually copy and paste them, please submit a ticket to support if you'd like to cover on a support call.

Just the DLL's available here:




One client has reported that running this update changed their Loqate data directory. While this does look to be isolated, or a result of other changes, we suggest you check which path the data is located in before installing by running regedit and locating the path in


Make a note of the path.

Then run setup.exe on the machine(s) needed, and make sure the path is unchanged.

We are happy to walk through this with you on a support call. Please email support@360science.com if you'd like to arrange a join.me to screen share.

How to Check that the DLL's have been updated:

You can check that the DLL's have been updated by going to the respective directories, and confirming that the 5 files have a last modified date of 6/18/2021.

The 5 files to check are: abbrst1.dll, dpv9.dll,keymgr3.dll,stelnk2.dll, and zip4_w32.dll

matchIT Web:
C:\Program Files\matchIT Web\website\USAddressingWebService\bin

C:\Program Files\mSQL\bin

C:\Program Files (x86)\mDesktop\360ScienceAddressing




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