Cortex - Activation and Main Window

matchIT Cortex offers a drag and drop workflow environment for deduplication. It does this through a range of tools that make accessing, cleaning, and outputting data faster and easier. Data preparation tools that include Matching and Normalization functionality. This allows you to find matches in and across any combination of data sources including SQL Server, Excel, & delimited files.



The first time you run matchIT Cortex, you will be prompted to enter an activation code.


Main Window

Run matchIT Cortex. The main window is divided into 5 main areas.


Menu Bar

The menu bar contains various application command buttons and a progress bar.

Buttons Commands Description
NewOpenSaveSaveAs.png New, Open, Save, Save As Used to clear the workflow canvas, open a previously saved workflow, save the current workflow, and save the current workflow with a different name.
Activate.png Unlock Used to enter or update an activation code.
Config.png Config Application settings like, log file and log severity.
About.png About Opens an “About” dialog with version information.
Paste Cut, Copy, Delete Used to edit workflow canvas tools and connections.
RunStop.png Start, Stop Start the current workflow running and abort a running job.


The console shows messages. Configuration options let you choose which severity of messages to see, from:

  • Debug
  • Information
  • Warning
  • Error
  • Fatal


The toolbox contains all the tools you can drag onto the workflow canvas divided into the categories: Input, Process, and Output.



The input category has tools to load data from:

  • Databases (SQL Server);
  • Delimited files (Tab delimited, comma delimited, etc);
  • Spreadsheets.



The process category has tools for

  • Matching – dedupe single table or overlap two tables;
  • Normalization – produce normalized version of input data;
  • Grouping – group previously matched pairs for multiple runs;
  • Union – union two data source with the same layout;
  • Select – select a subset of the input columns to pass through to downstream components;
  • Sample Groups – filter the Matching groups output to produce a sample of groups for each score.



The output category has tools to output data to:

  • Databases (SQL Server)
  • Delimited files (Tab delimited, comma delimited, etc)
  • Spreadsheets

Workflow Canvas

Tools are dragged from the toolbox onto the workflow canvas, where they can be connected together:


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