Updating your local license - Command Line Interface Mode

Local license information can be updated by running the Install Manager utility using a license key. Install Manager uses a web service running at licensing.loqate.com to provide the latest license details. Install Manager requires a license key that has a correct expiry date.

*If your server doesn't allow internet connections, you'll need to run this on another machine than your server then copy over the license.lfs file from the data directory after it is updated. We also advise that you update your data files quarterly in addition to the annual update of your license file.

*If you cannot locate your install manager or want to have the latest version, see more here (login required, if you are a client you should be able to log in already or self register using your company email, please submit a ticket to support if you still have trouble getting access)


Install Manager can be started in command line mode by providing the command line option:
mode=commandline. Command line mode is the default in Linux and UNIX platforms. On Linux/Unix platforms, Install Manager can be launched by running the script InstallManager.sh.



If a proxy server is used, please provide the Proxy server name and port as shown below. If the proxy server also needs authentication, please provide the user name and password as shown below.


The next step is to provide the installation folder. Please point to your working data folder, so Install Manager will update the license information to your local license copy.


The next step is to provide a license key which was recently updated. Install Manager will communicate with licensing.loqate.com. If the license key is valid, the server will return the corresponding license pack to Install Manager and then Install Manager will update the license pack in the selected installation folder.

Once the license pack is saved to disk, Install Manager will display the contents of the license for
reference. You can confirm the latest expiry dates displayed for your license key.

You may now close the Install Manager utility.



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