mHUB - cURL Primer

Use can use cURL to interact with the Hub Service REST methods. cURL defaults to performing a GET command:


curl http://localhost:8080/matchITHub/engines



Or you can specify the command with -X:


curl -X GET http://localhost:8080/matchITHub/engines



You can specify POST data with --data or -d (here you will need to URL encode any data):


curl -X POST --data "activation_code=pDARI0Yxfb%2FBnblahblahTzZ%2FzileiDZ%2F" http://localhost:8080/matchITHub/engines



Or you can use --data-urlencode to have CURL do the encoding:


curl -X POST --data-urlencode "activation_code=pDARI0YxfbblahblahDZ/" http://localhost:8080/matchITHub/engines



For further examples of using cURL see the Hub Service reference guide.

For help use “curl --help” for the full manual use “curl --manual”

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