Getting Set Up for 48 MONTH NCOA in mSQL

Completing your PAF (Process Acknowledgement Form) for NCOA

Before NCOA can be used for the first time, you must first fill out an NCOA PAF form which is attached to this article.

Once completed successfully, you will then provide the PAF to us by emailing a scanned copy to or replying back to your support ticket.

Please allow up to 72 hours for the PAF to be approved and added to the system and for your NCOA account to be set up.

Prior to the processing of NCOALink data, every customer must have completed and returned to their PAF “NCOALink PROCESSING ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM” provided to them. Each PAF is good for one year once set up.

If you are the end user and processing your own data, you would leave the broker/agent information alone and enter your own information as the list owner.

If you provide an email when filling out the form, a reminder will be sent 1 month to the PAF form's expiry and you can then sign the renewal electronically, and if you're an agent/broker, Enter in the client email so they can confirm and electronically sign any annual renewals.  The first year though a physical PAF needs to be signed and scanned.

Activating your NCOA service

Once your NCOA account has been created you will receive your specific account information from 360Science. It is recommended to log in and change your default password the first time after receiving the information.

If you are an agent/broker processing data on behalf of a client, then you must fill out a separate PAF for each client, as well as it must be signed by them and you will have a separate List ID for each client.

To add your account information you will do so while configuring the 'Generate NCOA 48 Addresses' SSIS Task.  You will Enter in the Username, password, and List ID.

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