Latest 360science Addressing Data

To download the 2019.02.02.00 360Science addressing data, please click the button below. This current version of addressing will expire on October 28th, 2019.   Once you’ve downloaded the update, please be sure to unzip the data, and run setup.exe to install the files.  Please note this file is approximately 4 GB and may take some time to download.

You should only be using this dataset if you are running mSQL version 2.3.3 or newer, matchIT Web(findIT S2) or newer, or mDesktop 6.1.36 or newer;


Please contact the Support Desk at 512.717.4750 or submit a ticket above if you have any questions, or encounter any problems while installing.


Note we still plan to do an update in September as regularly scheduled, the June data from the USPS did not pass QA so we are using the July Data which adds an extra month than normal.

This update also includes an annual update to the CASS dll's

How to Check that the DLL's have been updated:

You can check that the DLL's have been updated by going to the respective directories, and confirming that the 5 files have a last modified date of 7/2/2019.

The 5 files to check are: abbrst1.dll, dpv9.dll,keymgr3.dll,stelnk2.dll, and zip4_w32.dll

matchIT Web:
C:\Program Files\matchIT Web\website\USAddressingWebService\bin

C:\Program Files\mSQL\bin

C:\Program Files (x86)\mDesktop\360ScienceAddressing



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