mDesktop in Depth - Permanent Register of False Matches

Permanent Register of False Matches

Given unchanging unique reference numbers for a file or for two files being matched, if the user flags a pair of matches interactively as being a false match, the pair of references will be stored in a register. On subsequent matching runs using the same files, the same pair of records, based on their unique reference numbers, will not be reported as a matching pair.  The user will be able to reset the register completely, or search for a pair of refs and remove them from the register. The register will be kept in the same folder as the relevant Matches or Merges file.

How to Use the Register of False Matches

To use the false match register, set the Log False Matches option in Matching options before or after finding matches/overlap, then flag false matches using Verify Matches (pairs or sets) or Verify Overlap. The unique reference numbers for each pair of records flagged as a false match are written to a false match register, which is a DBF file with:

  • the name of the Main File followed by "_Screens.MDF" for Find Matches
  • the Second File followed by the Main File with an MDF extension for Find Overlap (this file is kept in the same folder as the Second File).

Next time the user finds matches or overlap on a file in the same folder, mDesktop will not report any pair of records as a match where the unique reference numbers of these records are recorded in the appropriate false match register. To ignore the false match register, the user can set the Log False Matches option off. The false match register can also be browsed from the View Table option in mDesktop and individual pairs of references deleted, or the whole register can be deleted.


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