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Names and Words

The Name and Words facility (from the Setup menu) is used for changing or adding entries to the NAMES lookup table. You can choose to add an entry, remove an existing one, or search the table for a particular entry. For adding an entry, there is another screen where the word to add can be entered, along with the matching equivalent (which mDesktop uses when matching), the type (chosen from a drop-down list), the sex and salutation (if appropriate), and the proper case value (which mDesktop will use when casing).

When searching for an existing word, there are two choices; 'Search' and 'Search Rest'.  'Search' will find the first occurrence of the entered word, while 'Search Rest' finds the next occurrence from the current position in the table, this enables multiple entries to be found.  The word can be searched for as a specific type, or as any type.

The NAMES lookup table is actually held in a fixed-width text file in the DAT sub-directory; the layout of this file can be seen in this article

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