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View Data

This option is available as a hyperlink at the top of mDesktop's main window, or within the View menu as View Data in Main File.  View Data allows you to browse and update the selected Main File in any order.  It is similar to the View menu, View Table option, except that you don't have to specify the table to browse and you can browse the Main File in order of any field within it.

First, an options screen will be presented:

  • Select the View Format you want to use, or enter the name of a new format under which to save the view that you create next.  You can manipulate the display as normal.
  • Order Records allows you to choose a field to order the records on (select a field from the list presented next).  Each time you select to browse in order of a field for which an index was not created at the end of Import (which usually includes the default Match Keys and UNIQUE_REF), mDesktop will create an index – this will take quite some time on a large file.
  • Native View means the fields will be displayed in the order they are in the Main File – the browse view may have been previously changed by changing the files sort order or column order.
  • Reset View means the column order and width will be reset in the browse view. – the browse view may have been previously changed by changing column order and widths.
  • Show Flagged records will include records that were flagged from the Main File (usually by Flag Matches) in the browse view.  These will have a black marker in the leftmost column.


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