360Science US Addressing engine updates in Version 12

Updates in the new Cycle 12 dataset, Version 12 will replace the Version 11 updates going forward.

  1. Addressing now supports  Post Office Box Street Addresses (PBSA)  
  • The format of the PBSA address is constructed using the street address of the Post Office where the P.O. Box is physically located.
  • For P.O. Box customers within ZIP Code 38027 who are authorized to use the PBSA format, the street-style address is constructed using the Post Office street address and  the P.O. Box™ number.
  • As an example, for ZIP Code 38027 the street address of the Post Office is: 

131Center St 
Collierville TN 38027  

*As a note, there is now a 6th character in the DPV column, please be aware as that could impact your process if its coded to expect a DPV in a particular format.


  1. Abbreviated Streets getting two suffix tokens
  • The addressing engine with the setting turned on to return an abbreviated street was sometimes returning a suffix (which itself was part of the abbreviated street) This has been fixed in the dll 


  1. Fixed St. James Dr not resolving to Saint James Dr In The 94611 Zip Code 
  • Test address below:

322 St. James Dr 
Piedmont Ca 94611 


  1. Addressing no longer crashes if the data folder is read only. 
  1. Addressing not Drilling Deep Enough Into Multiple Match Address and Return Invalid Result 
  • Addressing will now use DPV to attempt to tie break a multi-match address and pick the best one.  


  1. Enhanced context recognition for misspelled Secondary Unit Designator (SUD)
  • New tokens added
  • "SUIT" will validate as "SUITE" and Code the Secondary now.


  1. Fixed an issue where a period in city name St. Louis one unique zip caused the address to not code correctly.
  • Test Address:

800 N Lindbergh Blvd 
St. Louis MO 63167 


  1. Hawaiian Hyphenated house numbers without hyphen are now handled correctly
  • Sample Address:

94 418 Maikoiko St 
Waipahu, HI 96797 


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