Hints for when you're having trouble initializing the matchIT API

Are you getting this message? Error when initializing the matchIT API

Most common Cause:

mSQL is installed, but the matchIT SQL service isn't started

Reasons why it may not be started:

- It failed to launch during boot.

If other maitenance was being done on windows, it may be worth trying to just run services.msc, locating the matchIT SQL Service, and right click on it to start, if it doesn't start, that's most likely indicative of the below 2 issues.

- The activation may have expired

You can check your activation expiry by running diagnostics - either available from your start menu or navigating to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\matchIT API" and running diagnostics.exe

If you're past your expiry date, double check you haven't received a new one that just hasn't been applied, or you can submit a ticket if you're unsure of the most recent activation.   We provide a temp activation when you initially purchase, then provide a full year code when we receive payment or receive a renewal payment.

If you're not sure about how to apply an activation -
Please see our article: Reactivating or upgrading mSQL

- The Service may be set to start as a domain level account, you may need to update the password entered by running services.msc, and going to the properties of the matchIT SQL service and altering the log in tab.

Its often common for clients to stop and start their service as themselves when trying to troubleshoot another common error around addressing permissions as a short term fix, but their domain may require a password change on some frequency.

we do recommend setting up a separate domain user for the long term - as discussed in our article about configuring SQL Server Security


- The server may have a selective startup, you may need to add it to the startup list

On some locked down environments its common for IT to limit the services at startup, you may need to submit a ticket internally to address that.

Less common causes:

  1. matchIT SQL hasn’t been installed on the machine on which the stored procedure is being run;
  2. The matchIT API can’t access the .dat files specified by the datPath , this is more common when you're sharing the same dat files across a network path or using UNC paths, (\\networkpath\matchITSQL\config\dataFiles\uk) in the config.  Most probably a permissions issue; you can confirm by temporarily giving Everyone read access to both the folder and the share.



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