How do I back-up job scripts


Sometimes we get called to help clients recover customised scripts when a PC or hard disk has failed, or a system rebuilt. It is always best practise to back up all the files that make up these scripts, so that they can be easily restored in any of these events. In particular, you should back up:
Job. files in the matchIT Database folder i.e. all files beginning with “job” whatever the file extension
Any files with a file extension of PRG or FXP that are used in the scripts – these may be in the matchIT Progs folder or in a folder specific to your job.

The structures of the Main Files (DBF files) that you are using in the job – you can create an empty structure that contains no data (and so takes up minimal disk space) by using the Tools menu, Main File Layout utilities, Copy Main File layout. If you don’t do this, you should back up not just the Main File DBF but also the CDX files.

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