What should I know when importing a file?


If a file is in the same input format and field layout as a file that you have previously loaded into matchIT, you don’t have to go through the Setup Wizard again. The field layout is stored in the Main File that you used previously and the Input Options specify the Input Format and what processing you want to do on Import.

To import a file into matchIT without using the Setup Wizard, first open the Main File that you used previously, or create a copy of this file’s layout by using the Copy Main File Layout option from the Tools menu. Next, select Import Records from the Import menu. matchIT then prompts you to Restore Standard Parameters or change the Input Options if necessary (via the Change Basic Parameters button) e.g. if the last file you Imported was Comma Delimited but this file is Fixed Width, or if you want to postcode or proper case this file and the last file wasn’t.

If you want to dedupe the file at a different matching level from the last file you deduped e.g. Individual last time but Family level this time, select Restore Standard Parameters and select the appropriate matching level – do this before you change options via the Change Basic Parameters button. This restores not only the matching level (in Matching Options) but also the matching weights (and the default match keys). Finally, select the input file (the source file) that you want to load into matchIT.

If there are records in the Main File from a previous run, matchIT wipes the file clean before it loads in the new data.

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