How do I use the output filters


Filters can be used through the Output To File option in the Output Menu. Once there, you need to select the Use Filter option in Filtering and Ordering and click on the edit button. You will then be allowed to build some filters, which will allow you to further customise the output you want.
Some simple example of filters can be found below:
SEX = ‘F’ : In order to output all and only the records in the file recognised as being Female
In a multi file job to extract only the records from a specific file, you could use:
LISTC = ‘FILE1’ : LISTC is a generated field found in each master file created using the Multiple File Wizard.
It is used to determine which of the component files each Master file record came from (File1 is just an example, you would use the name of the relevant file)
To help create more customised filters, please contact our Support Team.

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