Going Further with mDesktop - Modifying Reports


Modifying Reports

Report Branding

Many of the reports that are created by mDesktop have the ability to be customized.  Users can even change the company information on the report. This option is located under Edit > Output Layouts > Report Branding. Here you can change the company name, telephone number, e-mail address, and company logo. Modifying the 360Science Logo will require that you copy your custom logo to the mDesktop Directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\mDesktop).

Adding fields to an already existing or developed report is possible but should only be attempted by advanced users. Please refer to the mDesktop In Depth For a detailed explanation on the process used to edit a report layout.

Report Layouts

This option should be used, only, if you have experience editing reports or the document detailing the editing process. This option is located under the menu Edit > Output Layouts as Letter/Page/Report (a file must be open or you will be prompted).  This will bring up a window showing all of mDesktop’s existing report formats. It is best to find a format that closely resembles your desired format, thus making the editing process easier. The following window will be displayed once a report is chosen. It is best to use the mDesktop in Depth for proper documentation when attempting this procedure.

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