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mDesktop consists of several optional modules, which are totally integrated into one package. Depending on the modules that you purchase (or are evaluating), options are enabled or disabled i.e. grayed out. The menu structure also depends on what modules are activated. This Getting Started Guide focuses mainly on use of mDesktop for dedupe, merge/purge, salutations, casing and address enhancement. If any of these functions are not relevant to you, please ignore any instructions relating to the corresponding options. The screenshots in the guide are taken using the US sample data - if you are using the Rest of World regional installation, you will see the sample data for that installation. The literals on the screen sometimes use different terminology e.g. Surname for Lastname.



To install mDesktop simply run the SETUP executable that you have downloaded from our web site and follow the instructions given.


mDesktop needs at least 2GB of RAM (memory) in order to run reliably and 300MB of free hard disk space for even small data files.  

If you do not already have one, you will need to contact your supplier for an activation code before you can use mDesktop to process anything other than the supplied example data.  You can do this from the mDesktop Evaluation screen as described in the next section. 

If you are installing under Windows, you must have administrator rights to install mDesktop and/or the mDesktop activation code. The user accounts under which mDesktop will be run will also require read/write permissions on the mDesktop directory which will need to be granted by an administrator.

If some of the dialog boxes are not fully visible after you have installed mDesktop , make sure your screen resolution is set to at least 1024 x768.

mDesktop v6 User Interface

While all of mDesktop's processes can be accessed from the menu bar, the most common selections have been integrated into v6’s redesigned User Interface. Following is a description of each icon.

The mDesktop Toolbar

The File Selector Button


There is frequent reference to this button in this guide.

mDesktop Wizard Pane

The Wizard Pane gives the user immediate access to any of mDesktop’s file wizards. Included in the Pane is a quick link to the mDesktop Job Script window.  mDesktop’s file wizards have the ability to lead a user through the entire data cleansing process. The file wizards allow inexperienced users to work through data cleansing processes with ease, while still maintaining the advanced data cleansing functionality that has made mDesktop an industry leader.

A description of each icon follows:

Note: Prior to activation, you will only be able to run mDesktop on the example data supplied.



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