How can I match on a company name as well as a contact name?

Use the normal weights for Individual level matching and add the company name to each match key. To minimise the chance of missing matches, we suggest using two forms of the company name so resulting in twice as many match keys:

First, add COY_KEY to each match key – it doesn’t matter whether it is at the start or end of the key, but for efficiency it is better at the front of the key if the data is sorted by company name and at the end if it is sorted by Postcode/Zip.
Secondly, add:

PUN_TRIM(COMPANY,20) to each key. N.B. Prior to v5.03 you will have to add UPPER(PADR(CHRTRAN(COMPANY,[“&*()+’;:#/.,]+SPACE(1),[]),20) instead of this.
This method may cause you to miss some acronym matches and ‘contained in’ matches such as SmithKline Beecham and Beecham, so if you want to include this type of match as well, please contact us for advice.

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