How can I save and restore my setup


You may have wondered how matchIT stores all of the settings you make during a job setup. matchIT uses a set of files that can in fact be recalled for later use making repetitive jobs simple to repeat or so that you can simply run the same data with slightly amended settings. The main configuration settings are stored in the files PARAMS.DBF, WEIGHTS.DBF and NAMEPARM.DBF. These are all stored in the root folder of matchIT.

There are also output layout files (*.OPL), output settings and match keys. The OPL files are ordinarily stored in the REPORT sub-folder of matchIT. The output settings are stored in the root folder of matchIT as OP_PARAMS.DBF. And the match keys are stored as IDX_PARMxx.DBF where xx is UK, US or OTH depending on the nationality setting.

You can save your own copies of PARAMS.DBF, WEIGHTS.DBF and NAMEPARM.DBF by using Save/Restore Setup and saving as a Custom Configuration. This allows you to set a file extension for the files you wish to save e.g. saving them with a file extension of JOB1 will create copies of the PARAMS.DBF, WEIGHTS.DBF and NAMEPARM.DBF and label them PARAMSUK.JOB1, WEIGHTS.JOB1 and NAMEPARM.JOB1. When required you can then use Restore Setup to a Custom Configuration to recall these files.

If you are going to start using Custom Configurations it is advisable to restore the default settings configuration for the nationality and match level that you want before restoring the custom configuration. Please don’t forget to restore the standard configuration for jobs for which your custom configuration is not required.

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