How do I view matches in MS Access?


A lot of our users are accomplished in the use of MS Access Queries and Forms. If you are a confident Access user you may prefer to look at matches that matchIT identifies native in Access.

The simplest way to do this is to use the Single File Wizard in matchIT. At the end of processing one of the options for output is ‘Records in Matched Sets’ then choose ‘Matched Records (matching sets only)’. This provides a file with three columns; UniqueRef, MatchRef and SetDups. Import this file into your Access database being careful to match the data types of UniqueRef and Match_Ref to the data type of your URN.

You can now create an Access query which contains three tables; two instances of your data file and the newly imported Matched Records file. You need to create a relationship between the the 1st instance of your data file and the Master Records file where your URN = UniqueRef. Then create a 2nd relationship between the Master Records file and the 2nd instance of your data file where MatchRef = URN. You now have query which will display records from both instances of the data file in matching groups. You can filter the results using the SetDups field (indicates the number of duplicates in a group) in Master Records and change the ordering and grouping as required. Try ordering by SetDups Descending and URN Ascending as this will show you the larger groups of matches first.

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