Address & Zip Code Validation

Address Validation

mDesktop (US install) can have the 360Science US Address validation module integrated with it. The standard evaluation configuration does not include US Address validation, but you can request an evaluation - we will then send you a download link containing the United States Postal Service Address File (USPS).


As with all of mDesktop's operations, the data must first be imported into a DBF file. The Single or Two File Wizards on the left pane allow you to do this. The same rules for naming fields, as described in Single File Wizard Operation in Exercise 1, should be used. Once the data file has been imported via the wizard, you need to tick the Use Zip+4 Address Validation option in the Processing Options window, as shown above. The Address Enhancement Wizard will then be displayed after selecting Continue. The Address Enhancement Wizard will guide you step by step through the key areas when preparing a file for Zip+4 Enhancement. For detailed information on 360 US address validation, please see the article here.


Verifying the US Address Validation Results

When you have completed the verification and removal of duplicate records from within mDesktop, you will find yourself in the Results for duplicate flagging step window. From here, you can select the Reports/ QA Dashboard. Once in the QA Wizard, you will now find the addressIT section available. This section will provide the tools necessary to Q/A check some, or all of addressIT's results.


  • The Address Processing Summary will allow you to either preview, print, file or PDF the Address Enhancement Summary that matchIT has generated.
  • When using the Address Processing Detail option to view records, matchIT will provide the ablility to view either address successes or failures based on criteria selected by you.

The Address Processing Detail option can be the most powerful quality assurance tools for addressIT results.


Utilizing addressIT for an Output File

When you reach the output stage for a file that has been run through addressIT, the Addressing tab of the Produce Output window will now be available for use. These new Addressing options will be available in addition to the Main Options for outputting a file. The inclusion of these addressing options will allow you to output subsets of your file depending on the CASS status of a record, while providing the ability to format the address lines and generate a 3553 CASS report for the resultant file.

Selecting any of the options in the Addressing tab, can and will modify the source file layout. If you would like to maintain a layout that has been specified, you will need to set the Select Records to Output option to Output all records and the Select Address Output Configuration option to Do not modify the Output File Layout.