mSQL - msp_GroupExactMatches


Input Parameters:

  • Configuration file – the file path of the configuration file to be used when this procedure is run.
  • Datasource ID – specifies the data source to be used from the configuration file, which contains the table and column mapping specifications of the first dataset.


After running msp_FindExactMatches, this will group all matching record pairs into sets of matching records, and will create tables that are referenced by a following instance of msp_FindMatches.





Defines the database connection, tables, and columns of the datasets that are to be matched.


Name of the table containing the exact matching pairs results which are to be grouped into matching sets.


Name of the output table to be created when the grouping runs.



Exact_matches_grouped table structure

During processing the stored procedure will output the results to the exact_matches_grouped table (this name can be configured – see above). The structure of the output table is as follows:





Record ID for each matching group.


Reference ID of the first record in the matching pair.


Reference ID of the second record in the matching relationship.


ID of the matching group that the records belong to. Note that the MatchRef will be the ID value of the first record in the matching group.



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