mSQL - Introduction to Stored Procedures


Stored Procedures

mSQL provides stored procedures, organized into the following categories:

  • Address Correction
  • Key Generation
  • Fuzzy Deduplication
  • Exact Deduplication
  • Output
  • Triggers
  • Miscellaneous.

We expect you to run the stored procedures in a particular order


For an internal dedupe, see the MatchingProcess.sql sample script that's included with your mSQL install

Step 1 - Perform Addressing (If Set)
Step 2 - Generate Keys
Step 3 - Perform Exact Matching (If Set)
Step 4 - Perform fuzzy matching
Step 5 - Perform Grouping

For an Overlap it would be very similar, except you would Perform Addressing and key generation on two datasources instead of one, and would use the Overlap Stored Procedures instead of Matches.

See the OverlapProcess.sql sample Script included with your installer for an example flow of generating keys and matching across two sources.



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