Latest US addressing dataset

To download the 12.01.20N (SHA256) US addressing data, please click the button below. This current version of US addressing will expire on January 30th, 2018. Once you’ve downloaded the update, please be sure to unzip the data, and run setup.exe to install the files.  Please note this file is approximately 2 GB and may take some time to download.



Please contact the Support Desk at 512.717.4750 or submit a ticket above if you have any questions, or encounter any problems while installing.


If you are running a version of mSQL prior to 2.0.2, you will need to update your mSQL install along with the data.  If you are running a version of findIT S2/matchIT Web prior to, you will need to update your matchIT Web install along with the data to continue using addressing. 


Previous Changes to DPV to be aware of: with the new addressing data as of version 12.00.13N, the DPV field is now 6 characters wide, please be aware that the length of DPV has changed if your code expects it to be a particular length it could error, you can update first in a testing environment to ensure there's no impact to your process.

The description of the 6th character in the DPV field can be found here:

Go here for a full list of changes in Version 12 of the addressing:

Per above article, the API has changed how it reacts to permissions(DPV Processing does need read/write permissions to the addressing_data folder to function properly), a small percentage of our clients have reported issues getting the addressing to initialize after updating, additional troubleshooting suggestions here if you have issues after updating




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