System Requirements

The following are the hardware and software requirements for matchIT web:


Hardware Requirements -

- Processor – Minimum 1.8-GHz processor, recommended multi-core or multiple 1.8-GHz CPU or higher
- Memory – Minimum 1-GB RAM, recommended 2-GB RAM or higher
- Hard Disk – It is recommended that you have at least the size of the database that you are going to plug matchIT web into, available as free space on the hard disk to permit the database to grow when generating keys.

N.B - For address correction an additional 12 GB is required to store the USPS data files. These files are refreshed on a bi-monthly basis, and so this size requirement could increase in time.

It is also recommended to have an additional 8GB of Ram beyond what is needed for the OS so that the addressing engine can cache the data


Software Requirements -

- Microsoft Windows Operating System –  Server 2003 or newer , Windows 10 or newer
- .NET Framework – Minimum version 3.5 – You will be prompted during install to download this, if you do not have it installed on your web server. In newer windows server versions you need to add .net 3.5 via the server roles and features before installing matchIT Web
- Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) – Minimum version 5.1 (XP), 6.0 (Server), 7.0 + (Vista and Windows 7)
- RDBMS – SQL Server 2005 or newer.

-The addressing data installer will include the C++ 2005 (x86 redistributable) as part of install.


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