Alteryx - Introduction and Installation


Alteryx offers a drag and drop workflow environment for data blending and advanced analytics that helps analyst gain the insight they need in hours, not weeks. It does this through a wide range of tools that make accessing, preparing, analyzing, and outputting it faster and easier.

The 360Science Alteryx plugin provides data preparation tools that add the Matching and Normalization functionality of 360Science to Alteryx. This allows you to find matches in and across any combination of data sources supported by Alteryx.



Installing 360Science matching for ALTERYX Integration

The latest live version of 360Science for ALTERYX is available here

Run the 360Science for Alteryx setup program and when prompted enter your activation code:

You can install the plugin wherever you like, the setup will add a config file to your Alteryx installation in <Alteryx Root>\Settings\AdditionalPlugins, and optional add a description of the component to <Alteryx Root>\bin\RuntimeData\DefaultSettings.xml.

It is recommended to install the Admin Version of Alteryx Designer so that we can automatically detect the install path or Alteryx Designer during install and so it is available for all users, if you installed the user version then it will install to the user's path instead of Program Files and you will need to manually choose the user path when installing 360Science for Alteryx.

Enter the activation code you received during the installation when prompted, if you received a temporary activation then to apply the full year one you will need to rerun the installer.