Fact Four - Customer Data is Never Perfect

Fact 4 - The crux of the problem

Customer Data is Never Perfect


The first RULE of Customer Data is: Customer Data is NEVER Perfect

Customer data is nuanced in ways not found in any other form of data matching - and the reason why is simple.

Every record in every database - and every instance of data inaccuracy starts at the point of entry.  ...and in every instance, the contact record was created by a human - with fingers on a keyboard.

Take a moment to think about that statement. Your data and the data you acquire comes from somewhere, and the genesis is always a human - regardless of its source!




Customer Data is 'nuanced' in ways -

not presented in any other form of data matching

Names cannot be standardized, and even with the best efforts of data extraction, and data parsing and data standardization, random keying errors, and variation in data are unavoidable.

Too much time is spent on  Data Preparation., and in the real world, your matching logic must handle far more difficult issues. Issues such as: