Activating your NCOA service in mDesktop

Once you receive the PAF registration information back from 360Science you can set up the NCOA service by following the steps below.

  1. Open mDesktop
  2. Go to Setup on the top menu, choose Options and click the Addressing tab
  3. Click on the Configure option next to "NCOA Account Settings"
  4. Select the Account option and enter the User Name, Web Service License, and Toolkit License Key provided by 360Science.


  1. You can test the uplink connection by clicking on Test FTP. 
  2. Click OK and ensure all details displayed on the NCOA Setup window are correct -- including the Account Statistics and that you have selected a PAF.

The setup is now complete and NCOA functionality will be available for any records containing contact information. Your NCOA account should now display as enabled instead of pending and the NCOA setup is complete.




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