Dealing with Address1 being longer than 72 characters

Are you getting a error messages that have these two lines when running generatecorrectedaddresses?

corelib.AddressingException: Processor Error: An error occured in a processor thread





String or binary data would be truncated.


This is likely due to a known bug because the street being submitted is longer than 72 characters will on some occassions cause the addressing process to be unstable.

In order to resolve this issue -

1) navigate to your addressing data install directory - normally C:\addressIT_Data\ACMDATA

2) make a backup of z4dll32.dll and Z4DLL64.dll files by copying them or adding them to a zip

3) copy the dll files from the zip file attached to this article over the ones you just backed up, replacing them


*note - while these dll's address the 72 character limit, the disable19 setting will not work, we are aware of the issue and working on it. 

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