How to disable summary reporting after installation

Did you install Reporting and decided your process doesn’t need it, or you simply don't want it anymore?
( see option #1).

Have you installed mSQL on a machine that doesn’t have internet access, so that during installation it won’t be able to download the necessary Crystal Reports runtime (see option #1 if you don't want them or #2 if you do). 


Option #1 – Disable summary reporting

 A) Edit all necessary configs and templates with a text editor:

Look for the outputSettings node, then the reports node, and change its enabled attribute to false for any files in below folders (your path may be different if you didn't use the default install path or upgraded from an older version)

Save all files.

- C:\mSQL\SSIS\templates   (if you're using SSIS only you can likely stop here and ignore the rest of the article, we suggest using a copy of the template so you're safe from losing changes from a reinstall/upgrade)

- C:\mSQL\config (optional if you're using SSIS only)

- C:\mSQL\demo (optional)


B) (optional) If you are using the default SSIS template files (we advise against this in the SSIS tutorial) then you can be more aggressive by also changing the registry so that reporting doesn't get re enabled the next time you reinstall, if you're just getting started it would likely be easier to just uninstall then reinstall without reporting. Otherwise you will need to remember to make the changes in Step A every time you reinstall or upgrade if you are using the default templates.


Disabling reporting in the Registry:

Run regedit.

Locate the matchIT SQL key (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\matchIT SQL).

Edit the Features value; change REP=1 to REP=0 (be careful here!).

Close regedit.


Option #2 – Manually install Crystal Reports

Download the Crystal Reports runtime – on a machine with internet access – using one of these links:

(almost certainly the 64-bit version).

Then copy the .msi file to the isolated machine (via USB or network drive), and execute it with administrative privileges.



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