findIT S2 / matchIT Web SHA256 update


To remain in compliance with the USPS you will need to be switched to the newer SHA256 data by the end of September so please plan accordingly. If you are running a version of findIT S2/matchIT Web prior to, you will need to update your findIT S2/matchIT Web install along with the data to continue using addressing. If you are not using addressing in findIT S2/matchIT web then you can disregard this, but please be aware the test page uses addressing by default and could cause IIS to crash if its not up to date. See further below for instructions on upgrading to and some items to be aware of.


The 12.01.08N (SHA256) 360Science US Addressing dataset is available here.

(After downloading the zip file, remember to unzip the data, then run setup.exe)


We encourage you to first test in a development environment if available, our support team is happy to schedule a call sometime between now and mid September to run through the install with you, just submit a ticket or send an email to with some suggested times that work for you between 9-5 central and we'll get back to you.

If you are running a version of findIT S2/matchIT Web prior to, you will need to update your matchIT Web install along with the data to continue using addressing. You may also need to install the 2013 C++ redistributable mentioned further below.

You need to update matchIT Web before updating to the SHA256 data, the new addressing dll's included as part of the data update may cause instability in IIS when used with older versions of findIT S2/matchIT Web. 

You can check your version by running diagnostics.exe from the start menu on a machine where findIT S2/matchIT web is installed, or you should be able to locate it by going to

Start --> All Programs --> matchIT Web --> utilities --> Diagnostics.exe

for example: 


Upgrading to or newer:


For a machine where you already have findIT S2/matchIT Web, the update to should be straightforward, you will just install over your existing install, and all the same paths will be used

We do recommend a restart of IIS before running the install for matchIT Web and the SHA256 addressing data to free any dll's that may be locked in the cache by IIS. matchIT Web install is available here:

Installer (please be sure to read through the items to be aware of below before installing)

Release notes

After install, remember to reload the configuration XML if you have one loaded for matching.

If you're using matchIT web for addressing only, there's no need to load a configuration 


Main items to be aware of:

*Some end-users installs were missing a new dependency for the new data - specifically  the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 C++ Redistributable Packages for x86 or x64 depending on whether they application is using the Z4DLL32.dll or Z4DLL64.dll. (the x86 version for matchIT Web users). We would highly recommend installing the 2013 C++ Redistributable.

Below is a link to the latest VS2013 Redistributables:


If you don't install the C++ redistributable, you may see error text such as this when using the findIT addressing web service.

"Unable to load Z4dll32.dll, amPath:C:\addressIT_Data\ACMDATA\ AccuMail Path:C:\addressIT_Data\ACMDATADB: National"


Wheras an error such as 'configuration Status Inactive' indicates you didn't load a configuration XML, which if you're using findIT S2 test page normally located at  http://localhost:53000/findITS2Site/default.aspx may not be an issue if you're using findIT S2 for addressing only.


*if you are installing fresh on a new machine or setting up a new dev machine, be aware that the default install path is now 'matchIT Web' , as opposed to 'findIT S2', you should keep a consistent install path across all environments

*if you are using modified versions of the default names and words files or matchkeysettings.xml, settings.xml, or finditconfiguration.xml then we would recommend making a backup of those files, as they will be overwritten when you install matchIT Web over your older version. We would recommend copying the files and referencing the copy going forward instead of the original if that's what you're doing. otherwise you can copy them before upgrade, then copy them back over after.

C:\Program Files\matchIT Web\config\...


(if you modified the test UI, that would be the controlconfig.xml)

C:\Program Files\matchIT Web\matchITAPISettings\...


 C:\Program Files\Common Files\matchIT API\dat\...


Again if you're uncomfortable doing the upgrade yourself, the support team is happy to go through it with you on a meeting.



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